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Avoid stress!

This is me! I am exactly where I want to be! I am the founder of Free-Spirit Living, a business that allows me to organize my life, work from wherever I feel like having my office for the day and still have time to do the things I love. I have found balance by incorporating my life, my interests, and my hobbies into my business. I sell products and services which makes my life more beautiful, organized, easier and happier. Finding the recipe for a balanced life didn’t come easy. I've gone through hundreds of failures (I rather refer to it as experience) and complicated situations. I believe I will also be able to make your life more beautiful, organized, easier and happier and in the process help you to avoid stress, as far as possible.

Daphne Smit

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I can't remember where this photo was taken. Somewhere in the Free-State, if I must guess.

Maybe you recognise the area?

"It is almost impossible to watch a sunset, and not dream"

Bern Williams

Experiencing a sunset anywhere in the world usually leaves me speechless. Dreaming while watching the sun set is very possible. Appreciating South African sun sets with your loved ones and a delicious cocktail, is priceless.

I can easily ad blogging to my list of past failures, but I am no quitter. So I am going to give it another try. Watch this space for updates.

Do you sometimes forget where you took a photo? 

What do you think is a good option to avoid this from happening?

Maybe a travel diary or Google location when using your phone to take photos?